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3D Secure or not 3D Secure?

What is 3D Secure?

3D Secure adds an extra layer of security for online transactions. It is adopted by major banks and card providers as well as the cardholder that must specify a password, or occasionally accept confirmation by SMS.

Different card providers have created their own label such as:

  • Visa uses Verified by Visa
  • Martercard call it Mastercard SecureCode
  • JCB call it J/Secure
  • American Express call it American Express SafeKey

The levels of adoptions and implementations vary greatly across countries and markets, and this requires a more focused and specific implementation of 3DS in your payment flow.

Since chargebacks are expensive and they can compromise you relationship with the acquirer, it is highly recommended consider using it is an extra layer of protection for the merchant, as the responsibility shifts to the cardholder.



Does 3D Secure affects conversion?

Yes, it adds an extra step in the checkout process. However this lower conversion can be balanced by lowering the high cost of chargebacks.

Segmenting the country, currency, type of card by pinpointing the highest risk and the locations where the 3D Secure can be implemented smoothly from the perspective of the cardholder can positively affect your business. Therefore selective implementation should be considered.

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