Viewing a shopper's other transactions

One really powerful feature of the Backoffice that can be leveraged to track customer spending and even plan promotions is to view the other transactions that have been made by a particular shopper. This is not the same as “Related transactions” (we have seen that tab in the last section); separate, individual transactions by the same shopper are not “related”! If a shopper buys a good or service from you one month, and then buys another good or service from you the next month, these transactions are not “related” as we define it. “Related” transactions are connected transactions, like an authorization and a capture, or a rebill and a sale that created that subscription. Therefore, when you want to know if your shopper is a repeat spender, do the following.

  1. Click the Processing tab and select Transactions.

  2. (Optional) Filter for the transaction or even the customer you want to know more about:

    Options for looking for a customer or transaction

    Looking at specific payment types instead

  3. Click the View 🔍 button for the desired transaction on the list:

  4. In the Main information window, find the Shopper and Credit Card areas. Click the link you desire, depending on what property you want to target (email, IP, name, card number, cardholder, storage token):

  5. A list of past transactions made by your customer appears:

    This customer has had many previous transactions

  6. Extract information, as applicable.