Tracking your Support tickets


Our Support ticketing system is a collaborational and transparent tool by which you can communicate with us and vice versa. Both of us can leave comments and add attachments at any time.

To view your current and historical tickets, navigate to the Support tab and click the Issues list button:

All tickets you have ever created are stored here

The columns give you the date they were created, their resolution progress in %, etcetera. To view the details of an issue, click the View 🔍 button in the Actions column. In the page that appears, you can find the tabs for: dialogue with PayXpert, attachments, and linked transactions:

Notice the Comment button, available in two places, by which you can add information to your Support ticket

Edit an existing ticket

To add information to a ticket, click the Comment button and fill in the fields. Then click Edit.

You can add an attachment to your comment as well

To simply add an attachment to an existing issue, go to the Attachments tab and click the Add :plus: button:

Browse for the attachment in the window that appears, add a description if desired, and click Add.

Linking a transaction to a Support ticket is explained in the related article (please see the link below).

Download an attachment we have provided

If we have provided you with an attachment on your Support ticket, you can download it from the ticket itself. To do so, go to the Attachments tab and find the attachment. Click the Download icon (circled below) in the Actions column:

A pop-up appears. Click the Download button to retrieve the file.

Your open issues are also accessible on the Home dashboard, in the Support box at the bottom right. Click the blue ID link to access a ticket and view its details or add an attachment as described above.

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