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As you know, not all transactions go as planned. Customers can complain to their bank about goods and services, credit card information can be misused. We even need to be aware of friendly fraud, where legitimate transactions with customers can turn into chargebacks “just because” the customers feel like it. Chargebacks and frauds that turn into chargebacks are very expensive: they deserve our utmost attention. That is why we have created the Risk menu in our Backoffice: so you can see these issues immediately, without having to go look for them.

The Risk menu is organized in several tabs:

The following pages explain how to read the items in each. The most important tabs to monitor are:

  • Requests for information: so you can react in time, before being penalized for a potential chargeback. If a chargeback has already been processed (or a fraud alert registered, or both), this tab will let you know that your bank would like to know more about the transaction

  • Chargebacks: so you can deep dive into each chargeback and its related transactions, to see if you have a fighting chance to dispute it and win

  • Frauds: so you can blacklist a shopper parameter if needed, so that no more frauds (and chargebacks, for that matter) can result. You can also drill down on a fraudulent transaction to sniff out “friendly frauds”

If you process cheques, the Reversals tab is also important. That is where you’ll see any cheques that have “bounced” or been reversed by the bank.

Please note that the Disputes and Representments tabs are inactive at this time; although we are glad to help, chargeback disputes and representments are handled via email with your bank, not in the Backoffice.

Our system is regularly updated with information from your banks. As a merchant, you will receive an email notification for each incoming chargeback, fraud, and/or request for information that is created.

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