The Reversals tab lists any cheques that were written to you but for some reason were not cleared or were later recalled. You will see, in the reason code, why you have not been paid the amount of the check. The most common and obvious reason is for the check to “bounce”:

Insufficient funds for a cheque causes it to appear as a reversal

If you do not process cheques, you will not see any items in this tab.

Like for chargebacks, the Reversals tab is for reference only. And as for chargebacks, there are unfortunately some costs associated with reversals. Unlike a chargeback, however, you cannot dispute a cheque reversal, as it is considered final.

To view your cheque reversals, click the Risk tab and select Reversals:

Reversals from the last 30 days are shown by default. Click the View 🔍 button in the Actions column to get more information on a reversal.

Viewing our reversal. The Main information tab gives us the reason code

The Related transactions tab gives us a complete picture of what occurred:

The check was collected by the merchant on 10/5. We processed it in our offices on 10/7, but it was reversed on 11/17. Finally, the reversal appeared in our systems on 11/18

Just like for chargebacks, another way to view your reversals is to use the filters in the Transactions area of the Backoffice:

Filtering all of our transactions for reversals