POS & MPOS Guide

The PayXpress POS and MPOS terminals from PayXpert are high-tech, dependable devices that help you receive payments from customers in your physical location. Both devices run on the same PayXpress application. However, only the POS model can print tickets.



The PayXpress app comes pre-installed on your device. For more detailed information on this app, search our online PayXpert Help wiki.


Our terminals offer:

  • Quick, easy transactions.

  • Easy setup and menu navigation.

  • Real-time transaction reporting.

  • Settlement in local currencies.

  • High-quality QR scans.

  • Help topics.


Enjoy the benefits of:

  • A stripped-down, easy-to-use platform on a familiar, handheld device.

  • Employee POS training that is quick and easy.

  • Customers will be less likely to abandon their purchases when seeing a familiar payment interface.


Our solutions fill the gap:

  • Your terminal can receive payments from any WeChat or Alipay user through their mobile phone.

  • All your POS or MPOS transaction information, invoices and much more are accessible through our PayXpert backoffice.Related Articles