An “Originator” is a specific income generator. It could be the payment page that allows you to receive credit card payments from a certain provider on one of your websites, for example. We create your Originators for you based on the information you provide when choosing to work with us. No configuration is required on your end for any of the technical aspects of the Backoffice. However, you can view your Originators at any time.

To view your Originators, click the Settings tab and select Originators.

You can view the statuses of your Originators from this list

Click the View 🔍 button to drill down to more specific information on a given Originator.

The information here is read-only but Originators are quite important. You will see them elsewhere in the Backoffice, like on your invoices, for example, where we list your earnings per Originator. And when you want to blacklist a given shopper, this is done per Originator as well. The “Transactions” tab (under “Processing”) also displays Originators, so you can see which one a particular transaction went through.