Logging in and password

When you click the link in the email or go to, the login window appears.

PayXpert Backoffice login screen

To log in to our Backoffice:

  1. Enter your username and password.

  2. (Optional) Select your preferred language from the drop-down language options, if desired.

    Your default language setting is set by PayXpert staff when we create your account, but it can be changed here if desired

  3. Click Sign in.

First login

The first time you log in, your password must be changed for security reasons. You will see this screen:

You will also need to update your password every 3 months

To change your password:

  1. Enter a new password.

  2. Enter it again to check that it’s the same.

  3. Click Save.

You can click Generate to have the system create a password for you. However, generated passwords are not automatically emailed to you and we do not keep a copy! So, remember to unclick the “Hide” box to view your new password.

Password security parameters


Your information is always secure at PayXpert. So, our Backoffice features:

  • Browser to server encryption

  • An obligatory 3-month password change

  • No password reuse

  • 90-day automatic dormant account block

All PayXpert passwords must contain:

✔ A least one letter.

✔ At least one capital letter.

✔ At least one number.

✔ At least 10 characters.

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