Introduction and concepts

This introductory chapter contains information about this guide, as well as a high-level description of some important concepts we use at PayXpert about our Backoffice. Information is general in nature and more technical information is available about the Backoffice and these concepts upon request.

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The content contained in this online guide is currently being updated with more great topics! However, if you don’t find what you need, please search this space, or open a Support ticket.

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The PayXpert Backoffice allows you to control all your payment gateways, operations, view statistics, and much more all in one place, improving payment workflow management, risk analysis, and general administration. Users can enjoy access to data on consumers and their businesses for better real-time decision making, as well as risk assessment and control.

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Purpose and scope

We are here to help you run your business smoothly. That is why this online guide gives you comprehensive, user-friendly information on how to use the PayXpert Backoffice. No fuss, just the information you need to work and solve issues.

Who should use this document?

Anyone who is interfacing with the PayXpert Backoffice, such as merchants or system administrators and developers, or other users.

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This document contains various standard icons to help identify and highlight crucial information:

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Notes give key information about an issue to be applied in that section.

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