How to refund a transaction

We all need to refund our customers at times. This is easy to do in the Backoffice.

Your customer has probably already contacted you with at least some of the details of the transaction: the amount, date and time, his or her name or the order ID. Knowing at least one of these parameters will help you to find the transaction in question.

To refund a customer:

  1. Click the Processing tab and select Transactions. Find the transaction in the list.

    We have used the Order ID to find the related transactions

  2. Click the View 🔍 button to open the transaction.

  3. Click the Operations tab. Notice that the refund amount is already filled in.

    For a partial refund, enter in the amount you wish to refund instead

  4. Click the Refund button. A pop-up from your browser will ask you to confirm.

    Please note that, if the transaction in question originated via a Subscription, you are given the option to disable the corresponding subscription or not:

By default, this option is not ticked, meaning that the Subscription WILL BE CANCELLED upon completing the refund. To maintain the Subscription as active, tick the box.