How to link a transaction to a Support ticket

If you have a particular transaction that you need help with or would like to highlight as an example of the issue you are experiencing, you can use a shortcut to link a transaction to one of your existing Support tickets.

Let’s say, for example, that you have created a ticket “All Swiss transactions are getting cancelled” and you want to link it to an example transaction.

An existing Support ticket

To link a transaction to a Support ticket:

  1. Click the Processing tab and select Transactions. Your list of transactions appears.

  2. Find the transaction you want to link. Click the View 🔍 button to open it.

  3. Go to the Issues tab. Click the Link this entity button.

    The list is currently empty: There are currently no Support issues linked to this transaction

  4. In the window that appears, select the Support ticket you wish to link to:

  5. The ticket appears on the list. It is now linked to your transaction.

To unlink a transaction from a Support ticket, just click the Unlink button in the Actions column:

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