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The first screen you see when you log into the Backoffice is the Home dashboard. It is a summary of the most relevant data concerning the service we provide you. Comprised of 3 areas, you immediately see: your sales data, what revenues we have deposited in your account, and any Support tickets you currently have open.

The three Home panels: Statistics (1), Accounting (2), Support (3)

Although it is only one screen, the Home dashboard was designed to give you the most pertinent information in a visual manner.

A little more detail about the Home dashboard

Combined on the Home dashboard, the three areas are actually smaller versions of themselves as they appear in their own areas of the Backoffice:

Below, we explain the functionality of these areas on the Home dashboard only. More information can be found on the full features in the Related articles listed below.


The Statistics area gives you a real-time overview of what we feel is the most important aggregate data on your transactions: turnover, risk, acceptance rate, and types of operations. Each of these areas are controlled by the time period you select (day, week, or month):

For turnover and risk, you get a side-by-side comparison of the same day last week, the same week last month, or the same month last year, to see how you are doing compared to then. Below are two screenshots of the same graph:

Saturday’s sales, a week prior

Saturday’s sales, a week later

In the Turnover graph, if you do not want to compare the current period to the previous period, you can simply click a button to make that data disappear:

Viewing the sales amounts for only the days of this week

Data can be hidden in the Risk statistics graph in the same way:

Clicking the left two buttons, we can hide the number of refunds and disputes on our graph

Showing all the Risk operations

Note that for the Turnover graph, you can also choose to view the number of transactions, instead of the profit amount:

Click the button to change the Y-axis

The Acceptance rate chart shows you the proportion of accepted vs declined transactions for the period you select (today, the past week, the past month):




The Operation types chart shows you the proportion of all types of operations that have occurred in your selected time period:

As there is no yellow area in our chart, we can see that we have not issued any refunds today


The Accounting area shows an abbreviated list of your latest invoices. The columns in the table tell you general info about the invoice. You can click the blue links to go to a specific invoice for full details.

Click ‘View all invoices’ to jump to the full area in the Backoffice dedicated to invoices


The Support area shows all your open Support tickets, their ID number on the left (which are also links)
and the Subject in the middle.

Click ‘View all issues’ in the bottom left to go to the full Support area

Advanced dashboard

There is also an Advanced dashboard available, which adds powerful functionality, and includes even more data and deeper analysis. Please talk to your representative if you are interested in knowing more about one of the best dashboards in the industry.

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