Your contractual agreement with PayXpert may include the use of Holdbacks. Holdbacks are a good way to set a small portion of your earnings aside in case you experience a high level of chargebacks at some point in the future. The funds set aside will be used to cover these chargebacks and their fees.

If the funds retained in your Holdback are not used to cover chargebacks, then at the end of the period for said Holdback, your account will be credited with that money.

Holdbacks work on a Merchant account basis. Therefore, and as in the image below, if your company has several Merchant accounts capturing sales, there can be several, overlapping Holdbacks for a given date range.

You can view your Holdbacks at any time. To do so, click the Accounting tab and select Holdbacks:

More information on your Holdbacks is available from the list:

  • Status:
    ”On hold”: This status means that the Holdback will be released on the date specified

    “Released”: The Holdback has been released and it will be processed in the next invoice

    “Paid”: This means that you have already received the funds that were held

  • Period: The length of time for which the Holdback is stipulated.

  • Percentage: The portion of your sales earnings that were used to create the Holdback.

  • Capture date: The day the Holdback was created.

  • Expected release date: The day the Holdback was returned to you, or if red, the day it is scheduled to be paid to you.

  • Company: The name of your company as it is registered in our system.

  • Amount: The quantity set aside in the Holdback. If it is not used, it will be returned to you on the expected release date.

By clicking the View 🔍 button in the Actions column, we can open a particular Holdback to get more information:

Note that the specific Merchant account used for the Holdback is given here. You can also see which Invoices were used for the retention or credit.

If your Holdback is still on hold or has been released but we haven’t generated the invoice yet, the “Release invoice” will be blank:

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