Getting started with your POS device

Your new POS or MPOS terminal is very user-friendly. To get started, you will need to perform several tasks:

  1. QR configure your POS or MPOS terminal. See following section.

  2. Practice using your POS (e.g. payments, refunds, etc.)



General system info

Your POS or MPOS runs on an Android system and charges using a standard 220–240 V USB adapted charge cord (included). For further information, refer to the manufacturer’s user guides and manuals.

Tips for before your terminal arrives

✔  Access your PayXpert merchant account. Open your welcome email and click “Get Started” to create your login credentials. 

✔  Log into our PayXpert Backoffice to view your dashboard. Once your terminal arrives, here is where you’ll be able to see your real-time customer and transaction data. 

✔ Refer to the Merchant Manual and the main FAQ for help on how to use the Backoffice features.