Getting started

Welcome to PayXpert! We created this Backoffice Merchant Guide to help you learn and become comfortable with using our Backoffice. Accessing the tool with your browser, you can track your business data, perform operations like refunds, capture subscriptions and process mail-in and call-in transactions, minimize frauds and loss of revenue, and request support.

It is easy to get started, and no technical expertise is necessary to use the Backoffice. In this guide, we explain how to use the tabs and features within the tool, and we define the terms used within.

This Backoffice Merchant Guide is divided into a series of expandable tabs, which you can see on the left. Here is a summary of what to expect in each:



Getting started (this tab)

Within this current tab you’ll find all you need to know about logging in, changing your password, and selecting your preferred language and time zone.

Navigating and using the Backoffice

In this tab group we show you how to move around within the Backoffice. It’s very simple to go from one tab to another, and to open specific pages within them. Using filters and links is also very intuitive, as is exporting the information you see on screen.

Home dashboard

This tab explains the home screen that you see when you log in. It is a very visual, high-level overview of the whole Backoffice.

Processing menu

This tab group explains each page within the Processing menu area of the Backoffice. In said pages you can view the minute details of your latest transactions, and even refund or blacklist the consumers behind them, if needed. If activated for your account, you can even process your own transactions on the fly in this tab. We explain it all here.

Risk menu

Here, in this part of the Merchant Guide, we explain all the Risk menu tabs of the Backoffice. There is where chargebacks and frauds stand out, as well as the requests for information you may receive from your bank when a chargeback is at stake.

Accounting menu

Here we explain everything you need to know about working with PayXpert’s invoice system, which is built into the Backoffice. Getting paid for the transactions we process for you is automatic; here we explain the invoice process and describe how we use Holdbacks to protect us both.


In this tab of the Merchant Manual we explain how to use the Statistics page, offering the most detailed analysis of your commerce.


Here we describe how to manage your profile and company settings, as well as how to manage your personal blacklist. If subscriptions are enabled for your account, you can create them in this area of the Backoffice. How to do so is explained here.


This tab group explains the Support area of the tool, where you can create and view tickets when you have questions or need help.


You'll find an appendix listing error codes here that will help you better understand the result codes for your transactions.