General safety instructions

Following these basic safety precautions can reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, or personal injury when using your PayXpress MPOS or POS device.

Failure to observe the device manufacturer’s instructions may result in severe personal injury or damage to your POS or other equipment.

  • Read and make sure you understand all of the manufacturer’s instructions for your device before usage.

  • Follow all warnings and instructions in the manufacturer’s user manual, as well as this document.


  • DO NOT use the device near water or other liquids.

  • NEVER spill liquids on the device.

  • DO NOT cover slots or openings on the device. They may provide ventilation and protect against overheating.

  • NEVER place the device near heat sources, radiators or in unventilated areas.

  • DO NOT place objects on the charge cord.

  • Install the device and charge cord where no one can step on it, or where it could cause injury.


  • Follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions.

  • Disconnect the device from the power supply before cleaning.

Ergonomic use

  • Place the device in a stable position on a solid surface. When hand-held, hold the device securely. Serious damage may result if the device falls.

  • Hold the device at a 30º angle. The terminal is also designed for optimal tabletop usage.

  • When held, keep the terminal a short distance from your body.

Child safety

  • This device may NOT be used, played with, cleaned by, or kept within reach of children.

  • Consult your device manufacturer’s user manual for further information on child safety.

PayXpert or its partners cannot be held liable for injuries or damages resulting from inappropriate use of its POS devices; these Safety instructions must be followed at all times.