Filtering and searches

The PayXpert Backoffice offers filter bars on the left side of certain pages, to help you find and view the items you desire. These filters have specific fields to suit the type of item displayed on the page.

Filters on the Transactions page

The same filters are repeated on different pages, but by default, when opening a page dedicated to special items, the filters are already set to show that type of item:

Filters on the Frauds page, which just shows fraud alerts by default

Filters on some pages are completely specific to that type of item.

Filters on the Invoices page

Finally, the Statistics page has the most advanced filters and display options.

Filter buttons

Please note the purpose of the following buttons when filtering your pages.

Click once the desired parameters are entered. The list will be updated immediately.

Click to clear any parameters in the filter bar, and start off with a fresh page again.

Click to save a regularly searched combination. This feature can save you time the next time you want to apply the same filter parameters.

Search bars

Finally, a search bar is found on some pages as well. You can perform a text search that will be compared against all the items on your list.

Searching for specific text in our list