Exporting information

The items you see in the Backoffice can be exported in various formats, depending on what you are viewing. It is helpful, for example, to export your invoices so that you can print them.

Exporting to PDF

You can export single transactions (of any type) and invoices to PDF using the View PDF action icon. This action icon is available in several places:

Exporting any transaction to PDF from our Transactions list

Exporting a specific invoice we are viewing in detail

When you click said icon, a PDF appears in your browser. You can then save the file, or print it directly.

Exporting lists

You can also export whole lists (or a single page of a list) of transactions or invoices. This can be done in several formats. An exported list could then be easily uploaded into your business’s accountancy system, for quick reconciliation of your payment gateway operations, for example.

To export a list:

  1. Filter the list as desired.

  2. Click the grey Export button at the top-right of the page:

  3. The following drop-down menu appears:

  4. Select Page or All for the format that you desire (CSV, HTML, XML, JSON, txt). When selecting all the list, a confirmation pop-up appears in your browser.

  5. The file appears in your Downloads folder.

Exporting with credit card information

Exporting a list of transactions with the credit card information for each transaction requires an extra step. To export such a list:

  1. From your Transactions list, expand the Credit Card filter group:

  2. Select any credit card criteria from the drop-down options:

    Selecting just one criteria is enough to export the values for all

  3. Click Filter.

  4. Finally, click the Export button.

The file that appears in your Downloads folder will include the credit card fields at the end:


For security reasons, all credit card numbers, throughout the Backoffice, are always protected.

For security reasons, all credit card numbers, throughout the Backoffice, are always protected.

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