PayXpert maintains a global blacklist of credit card numbers, emails, IP addresses, bank account numbers and industry-standard countries that have been proven to have been used in fraudulent transactions in the past. Our blacklist is being updated constantly, and it is applied by default for all of our merchants, to protect you from fraud. This is done in the background on your behalf; you cannot see the global blacklist.

That being said, you can also create your own Blacklist. This gives you extra control over fraud prevention and allows you to react to suspicious transactions yourself. Your personal Blacklist is explained below.

To access your personal Blacklist, go to Settings > Blacklists.

These credit card numbers have been added manually to our blacklist by opening the suspicious transaction from the Processing menu

Click the View 🔍 button in the actions column to view the details of a blacklisted item.

Adding an item to your Blacklist

To add an email, IP address, or country to your Blacklist:

  1. Go to Settings > Blacklists.

  2. Click the Add entity button on the top right of your screen. The following form appears:

  3. In the Originator drop-down list, select the Originator for which you want the Blacklist entry to apply.

  4. Select a type for your new Blacklist item:

  • Country: A country whose geographical location you want to block from purchasing from your originator(s). Note that a few select countries are already blocked by default.

  • Email address: An email that you think has been used or will be used to process a fraudulent or high-risk payment(s) via your originator(s).

  • IP address: An IP address that you think has been used or will be used to connect to our payment page to exploit your business for fraudulent purposes.

It is not possible to blacklist a customer’s IP address if it is not known. Furthermore, blacklisting a public IP address will cause false positives. We therefore recommend only blocking that customer’s credit card number and email.

The corresponding user(s) will not be able to purchase from your website or terminal.

To modify an item on your business’s Blacklist.

  1. Go to Settings > Blacklists.

  2. Click the Edit this entity button in the actions column to open the Blacklist item for editing.

  3. Modify the email, country, or IP address of the blacklisted item.

    Note: that you can also modify the Originator field

    Optional Advanced fields: Start date and end date for the item to be blacklisted

  4. Click Edit to save your changes.

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