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Subscription Instant Conversion Request

No field are needed in the request. The subscription ID is in the URI.

Instant Conversion Response

Field Type Max Length Requirement Description Version
transactionID N 20 M Rebill Transaction reference returned by the system
errorCode D 3 M See Messages and error codes
errorMessage S 100 M See Messages and error codes
subscription O M The subscription object

PHP Gateway Client

Transaction name : InstantConversion

PHP Methods

Method name Requirement
setSubscriptionID M

PHP Example

$client = new GatewayClient();

$transaction = $client->newTransaction('InstantConversion', 'testMerchant', 'testPassword');

$response = $transaction->send();

if ('000' === $response->errorCode) {
    $transactionID  = $response->transactionID;
    $subscription   = $response->subscription;
} else {
    echo "Error {$response->errorCode} with message {$response->errorMessage}";

Java Gateway Client

Java Methods

Connector method doSubscriptionInstantConversion
Request class SubscriptionInstantConversionRequest
Response class SubscriptionInstantConversionResponse

Java Examples

PaymentGatewayConnector connector = new PaymentGatewayConnector(API_URL, ORIGINATOR, PASSWORD);

SubscriptionInstantConversionResponse response = null;
SubscriptionInstantConversionRequest request = new SubscriptionInstantConversionRequest();

try {
  response = connector.doSubscriptionInstantConversion(request);
} catch (Exception e) {

if (response != null) {
  if (TransactionResultCode.TRANSACTION_SUCCESSFULLY.equals(response.getErrorCode()) {
    System.out.println("Success: " + response.getErrorMessage());
  } else {
    System.out.println("Failure: " + response.getErrorMessage());

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