A transaction is any movement between the payxpert gateway and your merchant account. Different types of transactions are authorization, capture, rebill, refund.

You will see a list of all transactions made to date. All the transactions are shown in a table format. Transactions can be viewed or edited. However the edit mode is limited for transactions already processed.



Transaction Types

  • Credit Card: an operation made by a credit card.
  • Debit Card: an operation made by a debit card.
  • Chargeback: The cardholder does not recognise a transaction made to his bank account. A chargeback transaction it is usually made by the bank of the cardholder by request of his client. All chargeback transactions have an associated credit card or debit card transaction. Read more about chargeback here.
  • Dispute: The transaction has been flagged as having an issue with the card owner or bank acquirer. This transaction has to be investigated and often it requires the merchant to provide some documentation to close the dispute.
  • Representment: Any chargeback that are disputed by the merchant as not legitimate, will move to this status as it process the case with the banks involved.
  • Reversal: It is when a bank cancel a chargeback and reimburse the merchant without the intervention of a third party.
  • Todito Cash: Its a pre-paid card from Mexico commonly used.

Operation Types

  • Sale: A sale transaction is a combination of an Authorization (to check the card has sufficient funds and has not been reported lost or stolen) and a capture, meaning the funds are taken from the cardholder immediately. It is the most common form of card transaction.
  • Authorize: The process of checking that the credit card being used in a transaction contains sufficient funds to cover the amount of the transaction. Note that if sufficient funds are found, the amount is held for a given period of time, waiting to be withdrawn when settlement occurs (the period of time varies based on the issuing bank of the credit card).
  • Capture: Capture transaction is a process that flags an already authorized transaction to be settled in the next settlement period. Depending on the acquirer, multiple captures are permitted on a transaction, but the sum of captured amounts must not exceed the initial authorize amount.
  • Credit: Credit Fund Transfer (CFT) enables merchants transfer money back into a given cardholder account.
  • Rebill: Merchants are offering subscriptions for their services require a way of billing the same amount on a regular basis.
  • Refund: A refund is the process of returning the funds of a previously settled transaction. A refund appears as a credit on the card holder’s statement.
It is possible to do multiple refunds on a transaction, but the sum of the refunded amounts must not exceed the amount of the original transaction.
  • 3D Secure: A sale operation using the 3D Secure system.
Transactions Operations
Most of transactions allow one or several operations.

Result or Return Code

Transations Result
An example of an accepted and a rejected transaction.

Each transaction has a return code indicating the if was accepted or rejected. The return code indicates the reason of such acceptation or rejection by either us or the bank. In our list of transactions the accepted transactions are in black and the rejected transactions in red. To consult our full return code list see here.


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