Where can I see my holdback?

Inside the control panel go to Accounting > Holdbacks. There you will see a list of all your current and past holdbacks, as well as the capture date, expected release date, amount and percentage of holdback.


Holdback list

Holdback Status

Holdback-onholdOn hold: The holdback is on hold and it will be released on the date specified.

Holdback-releasedReleased: The holdback has been released and it will be included in the next invoice and it will be processed together.

Holdback-paidPaid: It was been debited into your account.


Holdback details

To view the details of any holdback, you just have to click on the Actions column.

holdback actions
Actions Column to see the details of the holdback






The details of each holdback are displayed.

Holdback details

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