Create a ticket for support

What is a ticket?

If you have any issue and need to scalate the problem or need the Payxpert support to resolve it, you may choose to create a ticket. Tickets are visible to Payxpert´s support team and are easy to follow up. Furthermore, you will have access to a historic list of tickets for later consultations.


When should I create a support ticket?

Anytime you have a concern, question or comment, our support staff will be happy to help you.


How do I create a support ticket?

Go to Support on the top right of the menu. You will find the + icon on the left.

Support Tickets

A simple form will be displayed.

Support ticket form

Adding Attachments to a support  ticket

Attachments can be added once the ticket is created. A tab Attachments gives you access to all attachments.

To add a new one you can click on the   +   icon.


Comments in support tickets

Comments display a history of changes as well as extra information the user or support staff might want to give.

Comments  can be sorted by date by using the icon   +  .

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