What is a blacklist?

We have created a blacklist (or black list) as a list of entities or people that are proven unacceptable or untrustworthy to accept payments of any kind. The entities could be email addresses used for fraude, IP addresses of server or places of suspected crimes or credit card numbers used in the past for known frauds. Our blacklist is being updated constantly.

Why do I see a big list of blacklisted emails, IPs and credit card numbers?

We have a global list that affects all our merchants as they are known for being high risk.

What can be added to my black list?

We accept the following items in our blacklist:

  • IP address: the IP used to connect to our payment page. The IP show the location of the person, therefore some locations can be considered high risk.
  • Credit Card Number: A card used for frauds, either stolen or created. We never show the full number, however you can see the first 6 digits and the last 4.
  • Email address: An email used to process fraudulent or high risk payment in the past.

How to add an item to my blacklist?

If you have permission to add to the list you will see an icon + on the top right.



Otherwise, if you don´t have permission you can contact your Account Manager here.


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