Accounting Actions columnYou can check current and previous invoices in the Accounting > Invoices section in the main menu. All documents are in PDF format and can be downloaded by simply clicking in the PDF icon in the actions column.


Accounting columns

In the list of invoices, it might be useful to note that the columns can be changed, adding or hiding information according to your needs and configuration.



Document Status

A list of all the invoices are shown with a status of either:

  • Paid: which means the transfer has already been processed. Please keep in Accounting - Paidmind the payment might take some days to reach your bank account.


  • Waiting for accountant payment: This shown when a Accounting - waiting for accounting paymentproforma invoice has been created and it will be paid to merchant on due date.


  • Waiting for customer payment: Means the merchant has to pay Payxpert an amount shown in the Accounting - waiting for customer paymentdocument. Usually this happen when the fees, refunds, chargeback and holdback are bigger than the amount processed.


The merchant needs  to have a permission created by his account manager to receive notifications for any document created in the accounting section. You will receive a notification of any document created in your main email address.

Dates of creation and payments

The invoices are generated automatically by the system according to the agreed criteria and timings. All the details of when the invoices are created, paid and processed has to be agreed with you by the Account Manager before the processing of invoices begins. This is specified in the contract agreement with Payxpert.




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